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Midlands Rally

Thanks to North Trenholm Baptist Church Celebrate Recovery for hosting this years Midlands Rally. Good food, Good fellowship, Good music, and Good Testimony.


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Well, the weekend is past and it is time to start another Monday.  Church was great with a chance to honor some terrific kids on their graduation,  A time too far back for me to remember.

We didn’t get to go out to Manning Correctional Institution this past Friday because they already had their chapel booked for a singing group to come in.  I feel like I missed something, oh yeah, I did.  Fridays are always a high point of my week and without seeing those guys, I feel lost.

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Tuesday at the Lexington County Detention Center.  I had a man come up after the meeting and tell me he had prayed to receive Christ earlier this week in his cell but he wanted to make sure he did it right.  Of course he did it right but we still prayed the sinners prayer together.  He has been locked up for almost two years and will probably see prison time when he is finally sentenced.  But now he has the Comforter to go with him.  God Bless Celebrate Recovery Inside.

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Tuesday CR

The band was awesome! We watched a powerful video about what to do with the baggage we bring into relationships.  Rob Bell videos are always very pointed and on target.  Paul wrapped it all up for us as we went to small groups.  My group was absolutely the best I have had in quite some time.  It is always good to see men that truly want to be open and honest with other men.  That’s the way we succeed in recovery.  God Bless

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