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I recently talked with a friend of mine who is struggling with life’s daily grind. I asked him, how his relationship was with Christ. It was no surprise to find out he was not spending time with God. He had stopped reading his Bible and it had been a long time since he prayed. In fact he had never even specifically asked God to help him with his sin.

It is impossible for us to change anything without God’s help. When I find I am headed down the wrong path of sin, I need to look at where my relationship is with God. When I get that right everything else will take care of itself.


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Something amazing happened in the Lexington County Detention Center last week. About 6 weeks ago I helped a young man pray to receive Christ. Wednesday night he told me that he had helped his cellmate pray to receive Christ. What a humbling feeling. God is a great God and He is alive and well in the Lexington County Detention Center.

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Bible Study

I just attended an awesome Bible Study on the first seven verses of Proverbs. I never knew there was so much meat there. Plus a humbling experience to have approximately 10 men who would be willing to meet to understand God’s word better. It has been a long time since I was able to be a part of such as this.

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Wow, we just kicked off our Newcomers 101 group at CR last Tuesday with 12 newcomers. That is awesome. We had a good group meeting with most sharing openly in the open share groups. Now the test is if they come back. I pray that they will. We are going to tweak the format just a bit for next Tuesday. Even if you have been coming for a while, you might want to join us in Newcomers 101 and see what you are missing.

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Sure is great to be a part of a country with the freedom we enjoy.  Starting from the Revolutionary war to the war on Terror, hundreds of thousands of men and women have given their lives for our freedom.  That is no small sacrifice.  It is everything.  I plan to have friends over for fun and fellowship.  Without the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, civilian and military, state and federal, we would not be able to do this.  I thank God for everyone who has served this country.  Our hats are off to YOU!

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